The development of plant proteins: Europe will provide €200m

To support the development of the plant proteins’ market the European Commission announced a budget of €200m for 2019 to co-fund promotional programmes. Indeed, the plant proteins’ market is booming. In 2017, a third of consumers called themselves flexitarians according to Kantar Worldpanel. And more and more manufacturers are innovating on this sector with the launch of products such as lentil-based crisps, pasta or steaks. This European funding envelope echoes the announcement of Didier Guillaume, Minister for Agriculture, to build a French strategy for the plant proteins’ market. Public Health (Santé Publique) has included leguminous plants in its recommendations in the national framework on nutrition and health (PNNS)as such acknowledging the many nutritional benefits of such proteins.
LSA - By Camille Harel, 12th March 2019
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