Biocoop’s projects for 2019

2018 was a great year for Biocoop - distribution leader specialised in organic products – with a turnover up +11% reaching 1.2 billion euros. 2019 will be about new outlets formats and expanding its network.

After testing single-offer stores (such as a Biocoop Bakery), Biocoop will unveil a butler store. “This project shows our plans to diversify” says Gilles Baucher, Network Development Director at Biocoop. Other concepts such as wine-cellars, fish-shop and so on could follow.

It will also carry on the expansion of its corners within other selling outlets present at organic producers or cultural organisations. It will also push its satellite stores which are connected to a main store in rural areas or regenerated city-centres. With regards to its digital policy, Biocoop should announce its e-commerce strategy in September.

Finally, Biocoop plans to open 70 new stores this year to reach a network of 900 by 2025.

LSA - By Camille Harel, 28th March 2019
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