Record year for ice cream in 2018

In 2018, the ice cream category experienced the strongest growth in mass distribution, up to 2.5 times more than fresh products category. With sales value up 8.4% to €1.2 billion and volumes up 6.3% (237.8 million litres), the ice cream category has innovated with 58 products, generating a sales revenue of €74.7 million. Thanks to a very mild weather, 80.7% of ice cream sales were generated between April and September.
These results can be explained by the fact that manufacturers have been able to meet consumer expectations: mini formats (+23% in value), various textures, easy formats (cones and sticks)... In addition, they have also worked to bring new products focused on wellness such as vegan and organic.
In terms of distribution channels, hypermarket/supermarket remains the most promising one, generating 75% of ice cream sales. Nevertheless, drive (click and collect) and convenience stores are gaining ground. For 2019, the Association des Entreprises des Glaces (professional association for ice cream products) mentions that innovation will always be at the forefront with work done by manufacturers on impulse, pleasure and originality.

LSA by Camille Harel - 10/04/19
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