The pioneers of organic food do not give up

To stand out from the mass retail sector, they have started sorting out their suppliers and want to enhance their brands.

The pioneering distributors of organic products are fighting back. They won't let themselves be attacked by supermarket chains without doing anything. These giants are redoubling their efforts for this market of environmentally friendly products. In 2018, major retailers generated sales of nearly €4.5 billion by marketing organic products. This meant a growth of nearly 20%, with very lucrative margins.

Faced with this steamroller, specialized networks such as Biocoop or La Vie claire want to reaffirm their specificity.

The assortment of products on the shelves is, of course, the main point of differentiation. Hence Biocoop's desire to review its relationships with its suppliers, even if it means going through a tough selection. "Our strategy is structured around three axes, with the suppliers we prefer, those we will get rid of and, finally, those we refuse."

In order to have the right recipe or not to lose know-how, the solution lies in the development of private labels whose specifications are more demanding than those of organic classic products.

Le Monde by Laurence Girard – 25th April 2019
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