Carrefour tests major brands without packaging

On May 14, Carrefour will host a new e-commerce site called Loop. An initiative launched by a handful of multinational businesses, which are testing a returnable packaging proposal to reduce waste production. And increase the selling prices.

The manufacturers, all co-founders of the project, thus offer some of their products in reusable packaging after cleaning. Milka biscuits are sold in a pretty metal box (but always presented in individual bags), Lesieur or Puget oils are packed in decorated bottles.

For each product, you must agree to pay a deposit in addition to the selling price. High when the packaging is a beautiful item (3 euros for a cereal box whose content is itself 3 euros), more symbolic when the container is basic (25 cents for a glass bottle of a Carrefour sunflower oil).

Orders are delivered to your home in a compartmentalized flexible bag. To obtain a refund of the deposit, the customer puts the empty packaging back in the bag and requests a specific pick-up (or gives it to the delivery person when the next order is placed). The customer can choose the "auto-reload" option, which commits the customer to buy the same reference again but avoids the tedious step of paying and reimbursing the deposit on each purchase.

Linéaires by B. Merlaud – 13rd mai 2019

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