Snacking 2019 Congress, the trends in 20 key figures to be at the TOP!

62.9% - This is the market share (PDM) of fast food in France at the end of 2018
Not surprisingly, and for the past decade, fast food has been the only contributor to the growth in the number of visits to France and largely dominates the field of commercial catering - The NPD Group

+ more than 65% - of 18/34 year olds are willing to pay more for their burgers
Better bread, better sauce, better protein, better vegetables, millennials are ready to pay more for their burgers, and thus increase their dining experience tenfold - CHDExpert

50% - consumers are willing to pay attention to what they eat at each meal
This represents an increase of +7.2% in two years. They are also more likely to pay attention to certain meals only - CHDExpert

31% - It is the lunch market share that remains the majority but it has lost 4% in 10 years in fast food.
Consumers' more unstructured consumption encourages the rise of aperitifs and evening meals, which gain 4 points of growth - The NPD Group

15% - This is the share of breakfast visits in fast food restaurants
A 3% increase in 10 years and consumption moments that have multiplied X 1.6 in 9 years thanks to the growth of coffee shops... - The NPD Group

24% - meals in France are taken outside the home
Our consumption habits are changing profoundly: fragmentation, simplification, destructuring, meal delivery, business sources are fragmenting... so much so that HHR is increasing by 13% in 4 years in favour of the fast and moments of snacking - Kantar World Panel

29% - households are delivered to their homes
6% use aggregators (Uber Eats, Deliveroo, Glovo, Just Eat France) and 1% use subscription services: Quitoque, Frichti, Seazon... - Kantar World Panel

+ 12% - this is the growth of online ordering and e-commerce in France in 2 years
Consumer goods and self-service products via digital are now firmly established in the use of French users with 672 million orders placed. Internet now accounts for 6.1% of bpd (of French food spending) - Kantar World Panel

21% - French people consider themselves "consum'actors".
A new appearance of a group more involved in its consumption showing the evolution of the French lifestyles - Kantar World Panel

77% - French people try to favour local food products as often as possible and would like to find them more often in restaurants
Beyond organic, products from the local ecosystem and short circuits are popular with consumers in order to bring more territoriality to their meal experience - Kantar World Panel

83% - French people value the clean label
And are particularly looking for products without preservatives and chemicals - Kantar World Panel

+ 65% - of French people practice sport when they are in a healthy & fastcasual consumer approach
When sport and healthy nutrition go well together: paying attention to your body also means having a particular lifestyle that is found in the diet of purists, compared to 21% for traditional consumers - CHDExpert

54% - French people regularly consult the nutritional values of the food and products they buy
As a result, 79% prefer homemade products and avoid industrial and frozen products - CHDExpert

30% - French restaurant chains offer a delivery service
A constantly increasing number in line with the company's digital transformation - Food Service Vision
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