Plastic reduction

Carrefour, Système U, Veolia and the main private label suppliers are joining forces to find innovations to reduce single-use plastic in packaging. The newly created company, (RE)SET, a specialist in innovation in circular economy, provides its collaborative methodology to identify and develop solutions. The program is part of the commitment of the "National Pact on Plastic Packaging", signed last February and aimed, in particular, at eco-designing packaging to make it 100% reusable, recyclable or compostable by 2025.
In order to find alternatives to single-use plastic packaging, (RE)SET and its first partners are offering the best innovators around the world to submit their projects on the platform until July 7, 2019. Objective: to provide disruptive solutions to agri-food and distribution players to reduce the disproportionate use of single-use plastics in packaging and to implement new, more sustainable approaches. Packaging made of paper and cardboard (from cellulose fibres, recycled or recyclable), reusable packaging, new sales and usage systems, process, material and method innovation, etc. Any solution will be analysed with the aim of identifying the most sustainable, replicable solutions with the greatest impact on the entire product life cycle.
At the end of the application phase, the evaluation and selection of projects submitted to RE(SET) will take place from 8 July to 30 August. This will be followed by a bootcamp bringing together innovators, finalists and partners from 23 to 26 September, at the end of which the implementation phase will begin. The pilots carried out within this framework will make it possible to validate industrially and commercially the products or concepts selected and to ensure rapid deployment.

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