Market share: Lidl leads the race in the last period

According to Kantar's publication for the period from May 13 to June 6, 2019, Lidl recorded the strongest increase in market share at +0.5 points. The independent brands such as Système U, Leclerc and Intermarché are also well positioned.

Lidl continues to move forward. According to Kantar for the period from 13 May to 6 June 2019, the German channel jumped in France by +0.5 percentage points to 5.9% market share on PGC-FLS. "This corresponds to a +9% growth in spending by Lidl customers," explains the panelist. The brand attracted more than 460,000 new buyers over the four weeks. Recruitment has been accelerating since the beginning of the year, combined with a higher level of customer loyalty. "These figures confirm the excellent performance with gains of +0.4 points over the previous three periods.

While Lild led the race between May 13 and June 09, the independent brands are also well positioned. Système U and Leclerc each gained +0.3 points and have market shares of 10.8% and 21.7% respectively. New Merchants attracted an additional 170,000 households. For Leclerc, "stores contribute two thirds of the market share while drives contribute one third of the gain," says Kantar.

For its part, Intermarché did not rise to the level of its competitors over the period. Les Mousquetaires saw their market share increase "only" by +0.1 point to 15%.
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