Charal resists

The meat segment, the historical pillar of the frozen department, is affected by changes in consumer behaviour. While the category continued to recover very slightly (around +1% year-to-date at the end of May*), its volumes declined by -1.8% over the same period. Admittedly, with a market share of more than 16%, meat remains a sure value in salted frozen food, but the French are clearly reducing their level of purchases, as is the case for all meat in supermarkets. This decline is of course already explained by the development of flexitarism, the practice of consuming less meat products but more quality. "At the end of 2018, it was estimated that the share of flexitarians in France was 32%. It is now nearly a third of the population of France that is sensitive to this food practice," comments Émilie Rautureau, Charal's frozen brand manager. Another reason for the "deconsumption" of meat is the increasing proportion of meals taken outside the home, which is now rising to 24% today. Nevertheless, Charal is still doing well, announcing a 1.6% increase in sales. At the same time, the brand is taking the opportunity to consolidate its leadership in frozen meat, now exceeding 29% of the market share (+0.2 points nibbled compared to last year).
Positive outcome for Toast Burger
While the brand's core products continue to perform well, some of the new products launched last year have been well received. Starting with the Toast Burger, which allowed the passage to renew a little bit an offer in salty snacking tasted by cheeseburgers in the Great Cold section. Finally, on the ground beef side, if the rib eye has missed the mark, probably because of its too high price in store, the "3 peppers" recipe, which reflects the current development of flavoured meats, shows on the contrary "promising results". All in all, it's a positive result for Charal, who continues at the same pace for this new season with several new products in the Great Cold section.
Going further on organic
Charal had waited until 2017 to start an organic range with chopped steaks. "This offer is beginning to make its place on the shelves and encourages us to continue along this path," underlines our interlocutor, drawing on the excellent performance of frozen organic products: +27.6% growth in volumes on salted frozen*. Rather promising, especially when we know that families with children, who are over-consumers of organic products, are a prime target for frozen foods. Nevertheless, organic products represent only slightly more than 2% of frozen volumes, for hardly more in terms of turnover (i.e. two times less than the average recorded on PGCs), all served by a very limited offer on the shelves, when it is already well supplied in specialised circuits. In response, Charal is expanding its offer with organic ginned meat from France, a product for quick and easy cooking, packaged in a 400 g family bag with a PVC of €4.80.
Seducing young people
The second major project is to revive young people's attraction to meat through an offer that combines assembly cuisine and more distinctive recipes. "85% of 18-25 year olds are looking for new culinary experiences and more than 50% of them love the flavours of the world**" explains Émilie Rautureau. Echoing this, the brand is counting on 30 g beef meatballs from France cooked in curry sauce, a slightly spicy recipe, packaged in 750 g bags "to target families as well". Finally, this time in the finished goods segment, the brand is playing the Latin American card by offering beef Empanadas. These 100g golden slippers are made from a shortcrust pastry and are available in two consensual recipes. Conditioned by 4, they are to be reheated in 2 minutes in the microwave for a nomadic consumption or on the plate. An original alternative for snack lovers looking for new flavours!

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