Who is the consumer today? This is the question answered by Paris Retail Week, a few days before the opening of the show, on 24, 25 and 26 September in Paris.

According to a study published in advance of this event, the consumer 2.0 leads the business and makes it evolve, it leads brands and retail chains to think about new models in order to meet increasingly stringent requirements. What are his new expectations, his new needs?

From now on, trade must be built for him and around him and adapt to his way of life.

Simple and practical solutions:

? 75% French consumers feel that distributors will adapt to their lifestyle (late opening)

? 71% Consumers are less and less able to stand in line in stores

? 78% French consumers find it shocking that we do not find the same offer, the same prices online and in physics

A committed and activist consumer

? On average, the French are willing to pay nearly 6% more for products that respect the environment

? Nearly 26% are willing to pay 10% more to better remunerate the producer

A return to well-being and humanity

? 61% Prefer stores with cashiers, rather than stores with automatic cash registers or without cash registers

? 27% are willing to pay 10% more for quality products

? 25%, or ¼ respondents also say they are willing to pay 10% more for healthier products, and already 7% would go up to 20% more expensive.

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