Franprix Darwin is evolving with a richer hot snacking offer and an optimization of its bulk department. The brand is also in the spirit of the times on the non-al with corners signed Cdiscount, Hema and the Parisian Drugstore.

Greener bulk, more hot snacking and non-food entrusted to trendy brands. These are three major and promising aspects of Franprix Darwin's new version unveiled on Friday, September 20 at rue Réaumur in Paris.

The brand is therefore continuing to evolve, even though the vast majority of the fleet has not adopted the specific features of version 1 proposed in June 2018. At Franprix, as in the rest of the Casino group, investments are rational. About 200 to 250 stores have a bulk offer, salad bars and mochis bars.

But we will have understood it, Jean-Paul Mochet, the CEO of Franprix, has turned his company into a real laboratory for proxi, in start-up mode with great agility, creativity and even audacity. For the past four years, she has been moving the lines of this circuit and imposing her markers. Even if it means losing a few crazy bets, such as the one to encourage Parisians to come and make their meal in the small equipped kitchen installed in the window of the Réaumur store.

Not won, especially since it could quickly be reconfigured, as the point of sale is sorely lacking in seating capacity, even though its ready-to-eat offer has been successfully expanded. The salad bar has been transformed into a catering bar that also offers recipes to reheat and breakfast. A very innovative equipment allows to fry nuggets, french fries and churros in three minutes without the help of the staff. The same goes for pizzas, self-service in their cardboard packaging, which can be cooked as they are in three minutes in an oven.

Bulk enthusiasts will be served with an offer presented in cardboard hoppers, which are more ecological and hygienic than plastic: they are recyclable and avoid any handling of the products by employees.

Franprix is also avant-garde in the non-al sector by bringing together three corners of specialist and trendy brands: Hema (decoration, stationery, cooking, textiles), the Paris Drugstore (hygiene, beauty, accessories) and Cdiscount (small household appliances). No doubt, Darwin knows how to evolve to stay connected.
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