Franprix is testing a new version of its Darwin concept

This is Franprix's new laboratory! The Casino group's urban brand presented the 2019 version of its Darwin concept on rue de Réaumur in the 2nd arrondissement of Paris. This 600 m² point of sale offers an enhanced catering offer. In addition to the traditional chicken legs - potatoes, pizzas, nuggets, fries, etc. are now being added. A counter called Esprit Frais, developed by Fleury Michon, displays salads and hot dishes (paella, ratatouille, etc.) to be reheated on site. As part of its zero waste policy, Franprix also makes reusable containers available.

Another new feature is that the bulk assortment is brought together in the same fruit and vegetable area with around twenty liquids, including three organic wines and three fruit juices with innovative equipment, the patented "Qualivrac" system, which is low in energy consumption and easy to maintain.

In beverages, Franprix also provides customers with a Sodastream unit dedicated to the recovery of carbon dioxide capsules. The visit in pictures.
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