The latest report from IRI GIRA Food service confirms the recovery of the out-of-home consumer market

According to the latest report by IRI GIRA Foodservice, out-of-home consumption in France was estimated to have reached nearly 87 billion euros in 2018. In terms of retail, nearly 76 billion are concentrated in the out-of-home catering sector (commercial and collective groupings) and the remaining 11 billion are spread over impulse circuits (the latter grouping bakeries, Viennese pastries, pastry shops, convenience stores, mobile and seasonal shops and service stations). Overall, the report lists approximately 260,000 catering points in France.
After a very good year in 2017, IRI GIRA reports a +1.2% increase in attendance in 2018 and a +2.9% increase in turnover. All indicators therefore confirm that the growth of the Food Service market is coming to fruition, supported by a profound change in eating habits. "There are more and more opportunities and motivations to use the Food Service, from pure functionality to the most complete experience," explains Virginie Pernin, Project Manager at IRI GIRA Foodservice
A chaotic year-end
The increase in the number of people living away from home is all the more marked as the end of the year was deeply disrupted by economic events. Of course, we think of the yellow vests that weighed on the level of attendance at the establishments, but strikes and weather were also part of the mix. The other element highlighted in the report is the fragmentation of the number of visits, particularly on the new consumer moments in vogue on the out-of-home market. Breakfasts, snacks outside meals, "after work" are all food intakes that have increased significantly in power over the past year. A major evolution, but which mainly benefits new forms of catering such as the fast food but also of course the delivered catering. On the other hand, more traditional forms of catering seem less favoured by these new consumption habits.
Another point highlighted in this 2019 report is the growing importance of digital and social networks in the visibility and notoriety of establishments: "For every restaurant owner who wishes to preserve "his part of his stomach", it has become crucial to differentiate himself, to be "unstable", "likable", to tell a story, and thus to offer a "premium" experience that is rewarding for the consumer. An adaptation that induces measures and a cost that can weigh on economic ratios! "says Virginie Pernin,
Towards a new balance?
For IRI GIRA Foodservice, the market is slowly but surely moving towards a new order "whose outlines have yet to be written". With for operators the need on the one hand to better meet the requirements of a customer more committed in his acts of consumption and waiting for personalization. The second issue is the need to implement a profitable offer that capitalizes on value-added products, technologies and new sources of supply. Finally, the analyst estimates that by 2020, the market should still gain another 250 million meals. Knowing that, on average, the French now eat more than 10 meals outdoors per month.
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