More than one organic store in ten in the hands of supermarket groups

The number of stores specialising in organic products has increased by a factor of 2.5 since 2010. A dynamic to which the "classic" supermarket groups contribute, now accounting for more than 10% of the fleet.

In January 2010, there were only 748 organic specialty stores in France. Since then, the fleet has followed an exponential curve to reach 1850 points of sale in 2019. On average, over the past decade, more than two organic stores have opened per week. Focusing only on the last twelve months, the pace even exceeds seven weekly openings. According to our partner Nielsen, 47% of the French are now less than 10 minutes from one of these points of sale.

Throughout the park, Biocoop boasts nearly 600 stores, representing 29% of the park. La Vie Claire has a total of just over 300 (16%) and Biomonde (10%). Casino, with 200 Naturalia (9% of stores), is getting closer to the podium. The other players in the "classic" mass retail sector are more discreet. Even though it has increased the size of its specific organic fleet by 88% in one year, Carrefour only accounts for 2% of the network. As for Leclerc, Auchan or Système U, they are below 1%. It should be noted, however, that Les Comptoirs de la bio, in which Les Mousquetaires have taken a stake, contributes 6% of the national park of organic stores.
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