Franchise agreement between Toupargel and Monoprix

On the 8th of october, Toupargel and Monoprix have concluded a franchise agreement. Signed by Jean-Paul Mochet, CEO of Monoprix, and Romain Tchénio, CEO of Toupargel, this agreement allows the integration of 1400 Monoprix fresh and grocery products in every Toupargel sales channel.
Toupargel is the food multi-specialist, able to deliver each French house. This agreement allows Toupargel to expand its range with a very complete offer in fresh, grocery, organic and frozen food products everywhere in France. Moreover, it will help Monoprix to extend its network to the 36000 French cities and conquer new customers who do not live city centers.

It will also allow its loyal customers to have access to their favorite products all over France. This number of products will evolve over time. Monoprix products will be available on at the end of November. Each customer will be able to order its favorite products online or by phone, and be delivered at home.
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