Danone and Auchan France teamed up for a mutual sustainability initiative

Mid October, Danone and Auchan retail France have decided to create a campaign called #JeSaisJ’agis (meaning “I’m aware, I act upon it”) to make their mutual sustainability goals more concrete to consumers, by giving them the opportunity to directly support farmers having a better eco-friendly farming practices. The aim is to engage consumers during one week (in all 589 Auchan stores in France) to buy products from a selection of Auchan’s private label and Danone’s range, for which 10 cents (per item) will go to a fund to support sustainable farming and to incentivise Auchan and Danone’s farmer-suppliers to go in this direction of greener farming practices.

This campaign also engage the willing customers to vote on how the money gathered should be invest: 1) Increase conversion rates from conventional towards organic farming; 2) Soil preservation and biodiversity; 3) Animal welfare initiatives. The theme that gets the most votes will receive 50% of the funds collected, the rest being distributed evenly between the two remaining.

Danone and Auchan understood that to encourage consumer behaviour towards sustainable consumption they need to be implicated as a part of the solution.

Sustainable and faire trade products in retails do not cease to increase their sales with €800m in 2018 in France and expected €1.7bn by 2021. Furthermore, organic food sales in France are increasing (plus 18.7% since the beginning of 2019) and forecasts estimates that organic products will represent 10% of the regular consumer foods in the close future.

This initiative is clearly following the general trend and the fact that they directly imply customers allow to empowering them in better farming practices and make them feel responsible. Customers no longer only have their purchasing power to leverage brands.

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