The first Nous Anti Gaspi store opens its doors in Paris

The chain of stores has just opened a shop in the 19th district of Paris. It proposes more than 750 food references with defective packaging, damaged, with a close due date or non-conforming cuts sold 30% cheaper.

Nous Anti Gaspi wants to have a close relation with the local producers. In order to propose organic, local and quality products, the store wants to surf on the organic wave. This year, according to Nielsen, the organic sales market has increased of 20% compared to last year, representing more than € 5 billions. 

And this is a huge success, with a turnover of more than € 5 million. Created last year Nous Anti Gaspi has 5 stores and projects to open 3 new ones in Dinan, Caen and Nantes. Opened on the 5th of November, the Paris store confirms the consumer-actor trend. More and more people want to buy organic, local and quality products with a responsible and eco friendly way of mind.

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