Christmas season: How the French consume?

For the second year in a row, AlixPartners surveyed consumers in six countries about their purchase intentions for the upcoming Christmas season. As often, the French are distinguished by their pessimism and are more likely to reduce their expenses than the other countries…but not on food!

Only 17% of them think that their overall situation has improved this year. 28% of them want to reduce their expenditures for Christmas and New Year’s Eve celebrations but not for food and drinks expenditures.

French consumers have the same purchasing intentions for end-of-year meals as in 2018, with 20% of the panel who want to increase those expenditures! Food is essential for the French even more in this time of the year. In addition, French consumers tend to be more and more willing to hunt for good deals or discounts to make the most of their meal.

Furthermore, the general trend to “consume less but better” also apply to Christmas food.

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