Leclerc answers to the Intermarché’s Franco-score

From January 2020, the mention ‘EU origin’ formerly displayed on Leclerc's private label products will give way to some very precise mentions of regarding the geographical origin.

Indeed, 15 days after Intermarché  mentioned the creation of its “Franco score” (picture), Michel Edouard Leclerc, CEO of Leclerc has announced that approximatively 8 000 products will be modified to include the precise geographical origin of the main ingredients. Those decisions are in response to the French market that is looking for more transparency, indeed, more than 34% of the French people are very sensitive to the products origins.

Moreover, Leclerc will showcase the place of manufacture and the Nutri score (logo that informs about the nutritional quality simplified based on a scale of 5 colors: dark green to dark orange.) on the click & collect website.  14% of the population were already sensitive to the Nutri score, only one year after its launch.

The trend of more transparency is clearly launched !

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