New trends for the French Breakfast

Even if the French remain attached to their traditional croissant, baguette and café in the morning, has every food habit, breakfast tends to evolve.

96% of the French population have their breakfast at home, 6 times a week (it represents a global turnover of about € 14.5b year). Even if breakfast preparation is quick and easy, it remains mainly taken around the table; indeed, the French are not really used to have breakfast on-the-go. 

Coffee - for drinks - and bread - for solid food - come first when it comes to breakfast.  At first sight French consumers may them seem quite conservative but healthy trend is increasing, including for breakfast.

French consumers want healthier products with less fat, sugar and carbs. Companies specializing in breakfast products such as Kellogg’s or Harrys now offer products without added sugar. The same for organic companies who are reducing sugar or replacing with other sweeteners such as honey, agave or maple syrup.

Sustainability also comes to mind as a general trend: French consumers want healthier breakfast but also products respectful of the environment. Carbon footprint is a good example, indeed 94% of the French consumers are interested by reusable or recyclable packaging for breakfast products, also 33% of them are willing to pay more for the eco-friendly new packaging.

If the French breakfast market does not change intrinsically, more and more consumers are requesting « greener » and healthier products for their breakfast, a trend that well-known brands have definitely integrated into their strategy.


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