Focus for the industrials: less plastics !

According to Nielsen, in 2019, 55% of the French households think it is important to change packagings to reduce plastic. 

To meet this increasing demand from the consumers, industrials have put in place some initiatives:

Some have been through a perfect and global transition. For instance, Juste Bio, the French leader on the dry fruits market, has launched the « Vrac Store », where the consumer can order loose products and get them home delivered in a biodegradable and compostable bag.
Some are already well advanced, like the French leader Fleury Michon, who is replacing its plastic tray with a wooden tray for its new range of ready meals, thereby reducing the use of petroleum derivatives in its product by 83%. E.Leclerc and Unilever, on their side, are planing to drastically reduce their use of plastics in the coming years.On the other hand, some are still going through this transition. Food giants are the most involved, trying hard to reduce plastic. McDonalds, for instance, has initiated a 10 days-plastic free in one of its restaurants in Germany, while Coca-Cola has recently unveiled the first ever sample bottle made using recovered and recycled marine plastics,
 All of the big players have understood the necessity of going through this transition of using less or no plastics, and is now included in their global strategy.

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