Nestlé children’s cereals game changer

Nestlé innovates on children's cereals with NAT, a new crispy mueslis cereals that is willing to break the cereals market’s rules. Indeed, Nestlé wants to stand out with this range by offering healthy and premium references.

Nestlé has launched two SKUs: honey-almond and chocolate-strawberry. Even if these tastes are not particularly innovant they are marked A and B respectively on the Nutri-Score (optional nutritional rate on the packaging) and are rated "excellent" on the Yuka app.

Nestlé wants to offer a healthier range according to the general food trend, the recipes are enhanced compared to standard ones because they are free of palm oil, artificial colours and flavours. The brand of course has highlighted the Nutri-Score on its packaging.

Another advantage is that the product does not go unnoticed on the shelf thanks to its look that breaks market codes. It is a cardboard box with an hexagonal shape and colourful illustrations. This kind of packaging never seen before, breaks up in the shelf and create curiosity.

The overall quality of the cereals is balanced by the vending price that is way higher than any competitors, even organic ones (about €13/Kg). So, will the disruptive marketing approach will make people forget about the price?

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