Vegan steaks on the French market

Brands such as BEYOND MEAT, from the United States, have already conquered a large part of the market, especially among vegetarians and other environmentally conscious meat lovers. BEYOND MEAT offers vegan alternatives "comparable to real meat", both in appearance and taste. 

They are a response to the new food consumption trend that has emerged in recent years in North America and Europe. Awareness of animal abuse and ecological concerns are nowadays at the heart of meat consumers' thoughts but they still lack satisfactory alternative offers. 

In France, meat consumption is changing significantly. More and more consumers claim to be "flexitarian" or adopt a vegetarian and vegan diet. These trends, strongly linked to environmental concerns, refer to the global well-being of the earth induced by our modern sensibility.

BEYOND MEAT wants to offer the closest product to a real meat steak compared to soy or tofu based ersatz. 
The global meat sales represent 1400 billion dollars worldwide, taking a share of this mastodon market is the next step BEYOND MEAT wants to take. 

Indeed, the company's target is to penetrate not only the meat products market, but the global meat market as well.

In this market context, BEYOND MEAT has chosen to offer its meat-free products to the 500 supermarkets of the Casino Group in France, and more specifically to the Monoprix and Franprix chains, which are well established in the French capital and mainly reach a well-to-do urban population. As well as in the Casino and Géant hypermarkets which are present throughout the country.

This distribution partnership with the Casino group allows BEYOND MEAT to join forces with the most innovative French retailer on the market, which thus keeps captive its current clientele which is craving for innovative products. 

This win-win situation shows us that the general food trend is changing to offer more and more alternatives to meat in a traditional market of meat lovers.

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