Animal-Welfare Labelling: towards a standardisation

According to Kantar, 73% of French people are in favour of products that respect animal welfare. The new generation is even more concerned: for more than 37% of the 18-24 years old it is a key  purchasing criterion. That is why in 2018 the animal welfare label has been created by the non-governmental organisations LFDA, l’OABA, CWIF and the retail group, Casino.

Originally including a 4-level scale (A to D), the label has evolved this year, offering an additional level (E= minimum) and an indication of farming methods. Today, the retail groups Carrefour and Systeme U, and Galliance, one of the main players in the poultry industry,  have decided to join the association. They will propose the label on their products as already do other members such as Casino Terre & Saveurs, Loué, Monoprix chickens

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