Zoom on the loose products

On the 28th of January we wrote an article focused on the industrials and their transition toward the reduction of plastic, We have seen that « Juste Bio » has launched the vrac store, where the consumer can order loose products and get them home delivered in a biodegradable and compostable bag. Today, let’s focus on these loose products and its market ! 

With a turnover of €1.2bn in 2019, increased by 50% compared to 2013 and estimated around €3.2bn in 2022, the market is very dynamic. This dynamism can be explained by a French people consumption pattern change. More than 27% of them want products that limit waste. 

This pattern change has benefited specialized grocery stores. In 2013 they were only 2, today, they are more than 400 on all around the territory, grabbing 5% of the loose products market turnover. Nevertheless, super and hypermarkets are by far the leader with 50% of market shares followed closely by the specialized supermarkets with 45%. 

Réseau vrac, an interprofessional association is acting for the loose products market, this year, it plans to sensitive the EU to the loose products use within the Union, and keep democratizing it

The market is dynamic and seems destined to last.

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