The year 2019 has seen a positive trend: the strong growth of frozen organic references in Food Service distribution!

Promotional catalogues for the Food Service sector specialising in frozen products are a great success in France. This phenomenon underlines the concern of restaurants, hotels and cafés to find the best quality at the best price. The food service sector must therefore offer increasingly attractive prices while enhancing their range. So, if organic frozen food products have been disliked in recent years, 2019 is the year of the big rebound! 

Compared to 2018, no less than 130% of new frozen organic products were advertised through promotions in the foodservice catalogues last year. 

With the exception of frozen fish, all product categories have been affected by this sector growth and this new dynamic is pushing producers to offer more and more new references to food service distributors.

These good figures are mainly due to the family of frozen vegetables, which is widely used in the collective catering sector, but it can be seen that the restaurant and catering market is now moving towards this type of product as well. In addition, organic ice cream, dairy products and frozen meat are increasingly present in restaurants. 

In foodservice, frozen organic products now account for 2.8% of the world market share, 1 point higher than last year. This rapid increase tends to become established over time and is gaining weight in the global sales of foodservice distributors. 

The organic trend, which was not far from disappearing, is now gaining momentum in the frozen foodservice sector.  This, coupled with good organic figures in other sectors, shows us that the trend tends to be sustainable over time. 

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