Carrefour new segmentation

To meet customers new expectations, the main French retail group Carrefour is completing a total overhaul of its private label offer.

In collaboration with 2500 customers, Carrefour has developed a brand-new segmentation of its products. The future Carrefour’s private label products will be declined in 5 segments: 

- Carrefour Classic’: good products for every day consumption 
- Carrefour Extra: Daily pleasure
- Carrefour Original: Traditional French food 
- Carrefour Sensation:multi-sensorial experience & anti-routine 
- Carrefour Le Marché: Fresh products as you could find in traditional markets 

That’s about 7000 products from Carrefour that will be dispatched into the previous categories.

The aim of this new segmentation is to increase transparency for the consumers. In parallel new packagings launch, Carrefour is launching 2 initiatives to help consumers to eat better:
  • Nutri-Score nutrition label will be mandatory on every Carrefour’s products
  • To ease access to information, Carrefour has been sharing information on the composition of its products with Open Food Facts for many months now
In this sense, information on Carrefour products will be available at any time, in store, at home, or on your smart phone to help consumers to access information they need. 

Besides this new project, Carrefour is also involved in reducing environmental impact of the development and production of its products - both from a packaging and carbon footprint point of view.

Nearly 80% of Carrefour products are manufactured by more than 2,000 French companies (from the very small to the largest structure), on 3,000 production sites.

In terms of reducing its packaging, the brand has eliminated 1,700T of packaging over the last 5 years and pursues its continuous improvement process.

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