Monop’Daily comes to the hospital

Monop’ Daily, the dedicated convenience concept store from the retail chain Monoprix, will open a new store in the Rouen Teaching Hospital by the end of the year. This is the second store of this kind, with the first one opened in St Louis Hospital in Paris last November.  

The Lagardère Travel Retail France, the company currently operating the convenience stores, "Relais H" in French hospitals has made a deal with Monoprix in order to offer new services to its customers. Indeed, fresh bakeries, quality snacks and coffee shop services will be available in those stores upgrading the overall quality of the service..

This way, Lagardère Travel Retail France and Monoprix show a common will to combine their respective expertise in order to create a new space, more practical and more friendly, that meets different audiences’ needs and at different times of life. With the opening of two stores, one in Paris, one in Rouen, this initiative is becoming much more than a pilot concept; it responds to human challenges to make the hospital a better place to live.

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