The 6 biggest trends for French retailing in 2020

The french consulting agency expert in retailing “Protéines XTC” has summarised the 6 main trends that will occur in 2020 on the French retailing business:

French consumers tend to be more responsible with their food purchases. Indeed, products seasonality, anti-waste, locally produced and environment impacts are more and more taken into consideration. 
57% of the consumers want to abandon the race to infinite growth, so the industrials are trying to respond with alternative ways of consumption like bulk, consigned bottles and association like Too Good To Go to minimise wasting.

Organic and high-quality products are more expensive than regular ones but modest incomes consumers also want to change their consuming habits, so retailers are trying to make products more accessible by reducing the overall pricing. 

Nutri-score or app like Yuka are increasing in France (12 million users), consumers wants to have more and more intelligible data about what they consume, but the risk here is that consumers get confused in the plethora of labels / certifications existing (110 different one already exist). 

Even if vegan / vegetal products tend to stay niche products, the pleasure associated with them is increasing. National brands like Danette are developing vegetal alternatives, showing that classical players can adapt their offers to this healthy/pleasure trend.

Even if they are marginal, they do have a voice and the industrials need to take into consideration their claims and needs. Indeed, more and more brands are now "co-developing » new product or flavour for example.

French consumers tend to become more and more attached to local products, even if they are not produced next to their house they do like the idea of being « close »  to the farmer / producer.

These trends are not new, but they are becoming increasingly entrenched in the retailing market.

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