The biggest food trend for French consumers in 2020

Two days ago we have released an article about the 6 biggest trends for French retailing in 2020 according to the French consulting agency expert in retailing « Protéines XTC ». This agency has also summarized the 2020 food trends seen by the consumers. 

Food traceability 

As we have been writing for some time, food traceability and especially local food have become a very sensitive point for the consumers. Brands are developing a new strategy based on this point, for example, Danone has just released a new yoghurt range: « Aux fruits d’ici » (with yoghurts made from local fruits).  Indeed French consumers are quite attached to the products localisation and the history behind those. 

Vegan food and vegan meats 

According to a recent survey (led by Xerfi), the vegan sales will increase by 17% between 2019 and 2021, to reach and exceed €600 billions in the super and hypermarkets.

On the 14th of February we talked about Beyond meat with is a company specialized in vegan steaks. This year, this brand has chosen to offer its meat free steaks to the 500 super and hypermarkets of the Casino group in France. 

A lot of renewals 

Xavier Terlet (Proteines XTC co director) said today almost 50% of the food range offer is renewed every 5 years. But in the near future, this renewal will increase to 80%. People want new products and the brands know it. For example, in 2019 there were 181 vegan innovations and 200 are planned for 2020. 

As we have been sure for so many years, these points have become key purchasing criterions. If you want to join the French market, you definitely have to match with these criterions. Please mind to have a good food traceability, a large range and a powerful R&D.

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