Increase of the e-commerce due to the coronavirus

As a result of this confinement, e-commerce has increased by 40% this week (and by 90% the first week)

Facing with this health crisis, distributors have had to manage their strategy in order to address emerging needs. For example, Monoprix has increased its employees and its stocks to meet growing customer demand.

Distributors are catching the wave, they all are developing and improving the click and collect service.For example, Casino has decided to make an alliance with UberEats in order to offer 2 types of shopping basket. Moreover, this crisis has prompted them to launch their e-commerce platform.

Each has its own strategy. Franprix on the other hand, has decided to make a focus on the e-commerce. Four of their stores have now been turned into urban hubs, helping for the deliveries preparation. 

Even the proximity stores have developed this web strategy. Spar, Vival, Petit Casino, they all have developing a drive website in a record time.

This crisis due to the Covid19 has led the retailers to strengthen their internet services, new management is developing and customers are now buying in a different way, and different products. A few weeks after the confinement beginning, people are now ordering more and more first necessities products (flour, eggs, sugar, butter, bread).

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