The NOLO is gaining ground in France.

The NOLO - literally No and Low Alcohol -  trend is gaining ground in France. Born in the UK in 2013 at the same time as the « Dry January », this trend is becoming more and more popular in France, especially because it answers a growing demand: what to drink when we tend to drink less or no alcohol at all?

In 2018, French people over 15 have consumed 11,55L. It was 13,9L in 2000…and 26L in 1960. Overall French people drink less. Less wine mainly, but also less spirits. Beer is the only segment doing well due to its low content of alcohol. Cocktails are also getting more trendy as they enable to adjust content of alcohol.

French consumers habits are changing. More concerned about their health or simply by choice or religious beliefs, they want to reduce their consumption of alcohol. This new demand is therefore creating new opportunities for brands offering reduced alcohol drinks without forgetting the taste and the « sociable » aspect than soft-drinks or juices can not totally match.

In this context new initiatives have arisen. The French brand Le Petit Béret has launched an alcohol-free alternative quality wine, with the aim of offering a drink as close as possible than regular wine. Le Petit Béret bottles can now be found in the finest restaurants in France. 
The NOLO trend is definitively growing in France opening doors for new entrants with the right offerings. 

Sources :                  Enquête : « Alcool : l'ivresse du "Nolo" », Rayon Boisson, Avril 2020
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