Soft drinks, less but better

With a turnover of €458M (+1,9%) in 2019, the soft drinks market remains very dynamic and innovative. Indeed, main market players have to always innovate to be in line with customer new expectations, who are asking more and more for less sugar. 

Pepsico, Orangina Suntory France, Coca-cola are all surfing on the wave. Orangina Suntory France aims to reduce by 25% the carbohydrate content of its products (vs 2006). Pepsico will reduce sugar in the recipe of its Lipton Ice Tea Green and wants to focus on its « free » version for its 7Up range (+11% turnover within a lime market in decline, -11%). While Coca-Cola pursues its strategy to push sugar-free and light options. 

In addition to the sugar-free trend, smaller packaging is also a growth driver. One litre packs and less have increased by 9% this year while one litre packs and more have decreased by 3%. Coca-Cola for example has reduced the format of its bottles from 1.5L to 1.25L and from 2L to 1.75L.

Customers are also looking for natural and more authentic products, with the natural products’ offer (no artificial colors, natural ingredients …) now representing 9% of the market. Schweppes Agrum has decided to remove artificial flavorings and colorings from all its recipes by the end of the year. 

Private label brands retailers are also following the trend. Although, they only represent 10% of the segment, they offer preservative-free and artificial colourings free ranges.

Source : N°294, Avril 2020, Rayon Boisson - "Du moins pour faire plus ", dossier soft drink
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