The come back of frozen salty foods

In decline for years (-1% over 9 years), the frozen savoury food market in SM & HM has fully benefited from the lockdown period: +27% from mid-february to mid-april. 

A phenomenon which can be explained by different factors due to the Covid-19 crisis: the reduction in the frequency of in-store shopping, larger baskets and storage effects. Consumption habits that may well continue given the progressive release of the lockdown in France. 

Consequently, some frozen products outperformed fresh products’ counterparts during the same period, such as cooked vegetables (+29% versus +16%), meats (+ 55% versus + 26%), and pizzas: (+ 21% versus + 4%).

Is the trend set to continue? Daniel Ducrocq, Director of Distribution Services at Nielsen explained that it will depend mainly on how often consumers go to the store. If this frequency remains below the pre-lockdown level, the recovery in frozen foods will be sustainable, which could encourage hypermarkets and supermarkets to give more space in points of sale. 

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