Covid-19: who are the winners ?

The online grocery shops:
No fewer than 7.4 million households have bought a grocery product online at least once a month. The most purchased products were alcohol, which doubled over the period (versus -6% drop in physical stores). Seduced by the practicality that e-commerce offers,  many French consumers will continue buying online after the crisis.

The supermarkets:
While hypermarkets have really suffered from the crisis (-6% turnover), supermarkets experienced a 13% increase in sales, largely due to the weight of private labels in their offer and their click and collect format (called «drive » in France).
Private labels have indeed been more dynamic than national brands, as they offer competitive pricing while still ensuring good quality. 

“Eat better” trend and proximity shopping:
The healthy trend already very strong in France got even stronger during the crisis. Sales of organic products (which are very much associated with a healthy diet in France) jumped by nearly 25%. The gap is even more significant in proximity/convenience stores with an increase in sales of more than 50%.

Considering these three main trends already very present and continuouslly growing in France, we can note that the crisis has actually been an accelerator of the current food trends, and many of them may well continue their growth or at least stabilise after the crisis.

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