New ways of doing food shopping…

Monoprix Plus has been officially « opened » on May 19th, a week after France decided to ease the lockdown. 

This new service offered by the most urban of the French retailers offers not only a home delivery service or click and collect, but above all on a fully automated order preparation.

Once the order has been placed by the customer, small robots equipped with the Ocado technology will automatically pick up the products to prepare complete orders in just a few minutes. Orders are usually delivered the next day. The Casino Group, which owns Monoprix has made the choice of this fully integrated system with the objective to develop its home delivery service in a cost-effective manner while extending to the whole country.

Home delivery or click and collect services are becoming more and more popular especially in city centers. With this new service, the Casino Group is adapting to the situation while trying to improve its internal process. Processes and innovations which are likely to become more and more in demand as a direct consequence of the Covid-19 crisis, where people tend to limit their comings and goings. 

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