The recovery of shopping malls accelerates in "week 4"

According to the press release from the National Council of Shopping Centers (CNCC) referring to the national index of its partner Quantaflow "for the fourth week of reopening after the end of the lockdown, shopping centers have recorded a 79% attendance rate compared to the same period last year, an increase of almost 10% compared to the third week". 

Towards a return to « normality » from September 

 According to the CNCC, this very encouraging trend can be explained in various ways: a clientele reassured by the strict respect of the barrier measures put in place, the desire to rediscover the pleasure of consuming after two months of restrictions and forced savings, promotional efforts from the retailers and to finish good weather conditions. In addition, retailer brands do not hesitate to communicate on the increase of the average basket. « With these conditions and if this trend is confirmed, we can hope for a return to a level of activities similar to what is was in 2019 early fall," says Gontran Thüring, General Delegate of the National Council of Shopping Centers.

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