Auchan will offer chickens fed with insects

From today, Auchan Retail France will offer free range chickens whose feed has been enriched with insect oil.  By removing the imported soya oil traditionally used in poultry feed, the product launched by Auchan Retail has a reduced environmental impact as the used insect oil has a 80% lower carbon impact than soya oil.

For his new launch, Auchan has concluded a partnership with InnovaFeed, a company specialized in the breeding and processing of insects for use in animal nutrition.  InnovaFeed insect oil will replace 100% of imported soya oil. Thanks to this product Auchan will the feed more than 4400 chicken to begin. Auchan can be confident: according to a Kantar survey, more than 55% of respondents are interested in eating poultry fed with insects.

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