Shopping malls traffic is recovering

Shopping malls traffic, even if not at its last year's level, is gradually recovering. Cafés and restaurants reopening on June 15 has helped to increase traffic in the city centres and in the biggest shopping malls.

Indeed, there is a strong correlation in France between shopping areas and the possibilities to « eat on the spot », as consumers are more likely to stay longer if catering facilities are available.

Cinemas reopening on June 22 should also attract even more people. Large cinema complexes are often located next to shopping malls, when independent cinemas are located in city centres, thus increasing the number of visits to restaurant. 

To support the revival of cafés and restaurants, the National Council of Shopping Centers is launching a new initiative. In partnership with several of its sponsoring members and the help of the French government, the National Council of Shopping Centers has created a national campaign in support of the sector with the hashtag #PLAISIRdeseRETROUVER (roughly translated by “Pleasure to meet again”).

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