French Click and Drive stores at full speed!

French Click and Drive stores which have been supported by a sustained growth for several years, nevertheless only accounted for 5.7% of FMCG sales in 2019, according to Kantar Wolrdpanel. But during the first month of lockdown, Click and Drives stores ( calls « drives » in France) have benefited from an increase in sales of +80% according to Nielsen, with 1,2M households including 500’000 pensioners using drives for the first time. With the perpetuation of barrier gestures to fight against the virus, this dynamics could last for many months, and we anticipate a market share of 8% for 2020. This growth is made possible by the increased  activity of certain drives that have not yet realized their full potential.

Adjustments will be necessary, such as with Auchan, which responded appropriately during the crisis and has decided to equip sixty stores with a light version of drive offering a very short assortment. But also with the introduction of Intermarché's StarDrive in the autumn. A warehouse that will supply several stores in Paris and Lyon suburbs.

For Click and Walk stores  (or « drives piétons » located in city centers) they could well "benefit" from the economic crisis, notably because of they offer a much more aggressive price positioning than urban convenience stores.

Source : N°295-296, Mai-Juin 2020, Rayon Boisson - Grand Angle 
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