Carrefour and Intermarché opt for the American technology Innit

Carrefour, Intermarché and Ocado (Monoprix plus) have chosen the American technology Innit, a shopping assistance tool that integrates directly into e-commerce sites or applications. The idea is to simplify label reading and above all to adapt to each consumer profile, a major difference with the current Nutri-Score. 

 Innit will be soon available on Carrefour and Intermarché drive websites. After providing personal information such age, sex, intolerances and preferences, the software assigns scores to the products in the form of smiley faces and a score out of 100, which differs according to the parameters recorded. It is thus possible to select criteria such as "no sugar", "high fibre" or "gluten-free", for example. A packet of pasta or a brick of soup will therefore get a more or less interesting score depending on whether the customer is a 45-year-old sportswoman or a 20-year-old man who pays attention to his weight. 

Innit also offers recipes according to each nutritional profile and products selected. 

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