World’s products to conquer the French consumers

The good performance of the world's products during the lockdown has rekindled the ambitions of the main players in this high-potential market. In both grocery and fresh food, its growth depends on visibility, recruiting and reassuring new consumers. 

During the lockdown, the traditional flour and sugar have had to fight against noodles cups and soy sauce! + 65% for coconut milk, + 59% for exotic dishes and Asian noodles, + 44% for tex-mex. This increase comes as no surprise. For the market research company, IRI, this is the illustration of a great thirst for escape and a need to vary meals taken at home.

Given the potential to recruit new customers in France, the lockdown can be seen as an accelerator for these products: 40% of French people never buy Asian products, 63% never buy tex-mex and 82% never buy Japanese products. Still relatively modest within the grocery sector (€541 million), this market is then meant to grow. 

Before this recent boom, the market, driven by Asian cuisine, was already growing (+7.3% in value), in particular thanks to the growth of home-made products and the desire for originality, two trends that have only become more pronounced since then.

However, challenges need to be tackled. The first one, increase visibility. French consumers do not spontaneously think of having Mexican, Indian or Japanese food. Main players then need to offer innovative products matching current trends ( healthy, vegan, organic) and work on their communication. 

Besides, reassuring the consumers about the origin and the quality of the product is key, while giving simple recipes for products which can be considered as “difficult to cook”. 

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