Syrups, a category with a bright future

Although in decline, dilutable beverages and syrops can still benefit from the current trends of sugar reduction, less packaging and the search for more naturalness. The main players intend to use their best efforts to modernise the category and strengthen the presence of fruits.
Despite a 3.1% drop in retail sales at the end of March 2020 compared to the previous year, (Nielsen), the category still ticks all the boxes when it comes to consumers' expectations in terms of health and environment. In comparison with sodas, it is less packaging considering the volume of product used, and less sugar as the consumer can control quantity.

 Boost fruits’ content
The dilution rate is evolving, and consumers have gone from a ratio of one dose of syrup to seven for water in 2015, to a ratio of one to eleven today. In five years, their behaviour has therefore changed drastically. To encourage this new habit, main players have to boost the aromatic part while working on the intensity and richness of the fruit.
Many consumers are not aware that syrups are made with fruits and the segment has long suffered from this lack of natural perception. This is the first factor in cause explaining the segment’s decline. The majority of brands have therefore embarked on the naturalness project by eliminating preservatives, colourings and artificial flavours.
Besides naturalness, the lack of modernity is also one of the main reasons behind the drop in the category. Main players need to innovate and be more present in consumers’ mind. Kids do not ask systematically for syrups…

Rayon Boissons – Mai Juin 2020 N°295-296 – Rubrique Liquide - Dossier Sirop

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