Alcohol free beers: who are the consumers ?

According to a survey carried out by YouGov, alcohol-free beers consumers do consume alcohol (86%), are interested in sport (35%) and are men aged between 34 and 44 years (16%). These French people shop in hyper/supermarkets (33% at Leclerc, 29% at Lidl, 27% at Carrefour) but also in organic chains (12% at Biocoop and 7% at Bio c'Bon). During their shopping trip, 41% buy responsible products and 43% are interested in innovations they want to try. 53% also appreciate to discover new drinks.

These consumers are customers of major food brands such as Kinder Bueno, Panzani, Coca-Cola, Danone, Leffe, Nutella, Tourtel, Carte Noire and Heineken 0.0.

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