New ways of shopping: the no-channel experience

During the lockdown, e-commerce has experienced an impressive expansion, with the number of unique online shoppers who increased by 40% in the first quarter. With the lockdown behind us, the big challenge for retailers is now to keep and increase the loyalty of new customers who have tried this new purchasing and relationship channel. Thus, the boundaries between physical and digital commerce, already porous before the crisis, should become even more so. After the omni-channel, it is time for the "no-channel". The time when "humanity has gone digital and when digital has put itself at the service of humanity".

Here are three main drivers which contribute to the newer customers' experience where digital and human relationship should not exist one without the other. 

1) Inspire customers with videos 
In France, retailers have clearly understood the advantages of video to capture and expand their clients base, while creating proximity with a community looking for entertainment, inspiration and interaction. With the success of live streaming, live selling is becoming a new sales channel, with a leitmotif: see now, buy now! Video is therefore a new growth opportunity for the brands and a sales channel that intervenes at every stage of the customer journey: inspiration, the first interaction with the salesperson and contactless purchasing.

2) Increase the number of expert and personalized interactions
It is becoming more and more essential to increase the number of virtual interactions between the customer and expert salespeople providing personalized advice, making the online shopping experience more human and…successful in terms of sales. 

3) To deliver to your customers
With the lockdown, home delivery certainly increased and 32% of French people say they want to visit super and hypermarkets less often in the next coming months. If this new way of purchasing is meant to grow, retailers will also have to address three main issues: economic (margin drop due to delivery), human (lack of relationship) and environmental (carbon print). An alternative is however already offered by some players such as the collective delivery (one point of delivery for many customers with minimum order quantity for the group) 

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