The reinforcement of responsible consumption

A recent survey conducted from March to June shows the impact of the Covid-19 on consumption trends. Overall, we note an acceleration of the trends showed at the beginning of the year, except for the vegetal segment:

More organic 
The Covid-19 crisis has not slowed down the consumption of organic products, with 86% of French people who bought certified products between 13 March and 23 June. The consumption of organic food now accounts for nearly 10% of French people's expenditure, + 2% vs last year.

Support for the producers 
French consumers have shown their solidarity while buying products which can ensure a fair wage to the producers. 

Less waste…more loose products 
Nearly a quarter of French people bought loose products during and after the lockdown, an increase of +6% vs last year. 

Reducing the environmental impact 
Already experiencing a very strong growth prior to the lockdown, the demand for more environmentally friendly products has grown during this period. 

Vegetal in decline 
In prepared meals, chilled and drinks categories, consumption of vegetal products has declined (-11%) - a surprising phenomenon when we take into consideration the increasing demand for more vegetal products in France - but which can be explained by the fact that during this specific period priority seems to have been given to local products with little processing and to the home-cooking. The challenge of the coming months will be to reassure consumers about the origin and social impact of these products.

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