Iced tea, still dynamic!

The iced tea market is doing well with a sales turnover increase of +1.5% in April 2020, but suffering from a slowdown if we compare to last year at the same period (+17.5%). The Covid-19 crisis did not help either. However, the main players remain confident as iced teas are still a basic trend. Their market share within the soft drinks category has indeed doubled in 5 years: from 6% to 12,1% in 2019. Moreover, with the summer coming, nothing is done yet, as those products have a much higher seasonality index than the other soft drinks (140 vs 125).

Iced teas remain the main driver of the category as as they match growing consumers' expectations for drinks: healthier and more natural products. Main players have even changed their recipes to meet consumers' needs. Coca-cola (Fuze tea) has changed for a more authentic recipe while keeping the taste. Like Lipton Ice Tea who has reduced their sugar contents from 6.6grams sugar per 100mL to 4,4g, in five years. 

Source : N°297, Juillet-Août 2020, Rayon Boisson - "Une pause et ça repart ", dossier thés glacés
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