Nielsen figures for the last P8 period (July - August)

FMCG (fast moving consumer good) /FLS (fresh and self-service)
FMCG/FLS sales confirmed their growth in mass retailing, with a 5.2% increase in value on P8, all networks combined. The trend is also positive in volume: +3.1%, which represents an increase of 0,4% in comparison with the last period (P7).

Promotional turnover
Promotional activity in hypermarkets and supermarkets has since returned to pre-crisis levels. On P8, promotional sales amounted to 17.1%, up to 5.4% compared with the same period last year. However, if we take the period January-August, they are down 7.7% vs 2019. 

Click & Collect sales
As it has been the case for several periods, FMCG-FLS sales are driven by the click & collect network on P8: +44.2% for 6.1% of total sales. The hard discounters network (Supermarket in Dominant Own Brands) is also among themes dynamic channels with sales up 5.6%. 

Organic products
Organic is still in "excellent shape" on P8 with a growth of 9.8%. Organic products accounted for 4.8% of total turnover for all channels combined: from 2.7% with hard-discounters to 7.7% in e-commerce.

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