Cereals brands intensify their efforts to win new customers

The highly competitive cereals category has taken advantage of the crisis to recruit new customers. Brands are hoping to capitalize on this positive trend with reformulated products.

At the beginning of the lockdown, consumers have changed their habits and started to stock basic products which has then benefited the cereals market, with an increase in value of 28% in March. The major market player, Kellogg's, grew by 40% with an increase of 3.8 points in market share, driven by children's brands.

Boosted by this new interest, big players intensify their efforts with new products, innovations and communication. Kellogs now offers an organic Extra range with three SKUs, while Nestlé has co-created an organic range of cereals for the youngest with the cooperation of 500 parents and 200 kids to find the ideal recipe. On the communication side, the launch has been supported by a TV campaign through the year.

The main challenge for big brands - and new entrants - is to offer a better balance between pleasure and health. Like Bjorg with its brand Les P’ti Curieux which targets the 5-10 years old offering honey cereals with less sugar. For its part, Hoope has designed new mueslis with spirulina, a superfood made from a micro-algae rich in iron, fibre, potassium, protein, antioxidants and magnesium.

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