Intermarché Relais, the brand that mixes click & collect and proximity

A year ago, Intermarché had planned to open very small outlets in Paris to offer a hybrid solution between click&collect facilities and convenience store. The calendar is held, with the opening on September 4th of the first Intermarché Relais in the 20th arrondissement of Paris.
This 80 sq. m. store offers snacking products (sandwiches, orange juice machine, hot meals, drinks, desserts) and a complementary range of convenience food products for customers passing by or workers in the neighbourhood, with at the back, storage boxes for online purchases to be collected.  
This concept is a mix between pedestrian drive, storage boxes and convenience shop. The first goal is to test such a small outlet as the format is far from what Intermarché currently offers, and to evaluate customer feedback regarding the click&collect facility, with access to an online food offer of 12,000 items.
Orders are prepared and delivered by Star Drive, Intermarché's central warehouse in Paris, which is responsible for direct delivery to various sites. While shelves are mainly made up of organic and “too sophisticated” products, Intermarché is already thinking about improving the existing offer (400 items), with perhaps more basic products. The Mousquetaires will have plenty of time to adapt or to recalibrate their offer for the second Intermarché Relais, which should open in the 5th arrondissementof Paris.

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